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Russian Gastro Week 2018: an exclusive presentation of Russian food and drink producers

10 September 2018

On 7th September, the Russian Gastro Week was held in Munich, having already attracted a broad cross-section of guests in South Korea, China, and Indonesia. Now it was Germany’s turn, and the event was accompanied by its strategic partner KaiserCommunication GmbH

The Russian Gastro Week presents an abundance of unique Russian food products. In Munich, it also served to present Russian food and drink producers as part of a B2B networking forum and to provide opportunities to taste the products on offer. It was organized by the Russian Export Centre with a view to promoting trade in food products between Russia and Germany. The event in Munich opened its doors to more than 180 guests, who were made up of representatives from the hotel, catering and restaurant sector as well as wholesalers and retailers from the food industry. It was also attended by interested Russian and German visitors. 

At the Russian Gastro Week, more than 200 food items were presented to the guests by 40 food and drink producers. The products on display ranged from honey, jams, chocolates and fruit bars to wine, sparkling wine, mineral water and much more. 

KaiserCommunication GmbH assisted in the search for B2B guests. It was also responsible for the press and communications work in both German and Russian, and the event resonated very well with regional food bloggers. Moreover, Olga Vaulina, who is Head of European Communication at KaiserCommunication GmbH, held a talk at the Russian Gastro Week about the particularities of international communication with regard to brand placement on the EU market. She also presented 10 steps for a successful market entry in Germany.