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Guntram Kaiser on Mediametrics: interview on cross-cultural communication

30 January 2019

In his capacity as an international expert, our CEO Guntram Kaiser took part in a 45-minute discussion about cross-cultural communication on Mediametrics, a Russian radio and internet TV channel, in Moscow last Friday. He was joined by Elena Dugina, managing partner of the consulting firm IConsulting and an expert at the Higher School of Public Administration at RANEPA (the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration).

The host of the regular programme "Gurov on Friday", the Russian PR expert Philipp Gurov, discussed with his two specialists, who both teach at Russian universities, differences between cultures when it comes to attitudes towards ethics and, more specifically, launching and promoting products in new markets, conducting negotiations or organising events.

Both experts shared with the audience many cases from their rich business lives and a large number of personal observations and stories as entrepreneurs, managers, coaches and university teachers.

Listen to and watch the full version of the interview in Russian at